My pet projects: Product Design Reference and Pack the Pooch

Product Design Reference

Product Design Reference is a resource I built using the GitBook platform. It's a place to help product designers find the right UX methods to use during discovery, ideation and testing as well as definitions of essential terms we come in contact with on a daily basis. Effective communication is crucial for success in all aspects of life, and having a strong technical vocabulary is particularly essential in product design. Product Design Reference helps product designers know what to do, when to do it and how to communicate their way through it.

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Pack the Pooch

Pack the Pooch is a platform that finds true dog friendly accommodation, cafes, restaurants and other dog services across Ireland. From lighthouses in Mayo to mini farms in Wexford, thatched cottages in Tipperary, private islands in Fermanagh to glamping in Leitrim. With hundreds of true dog friendly listings and thousands of monthly visits, Pack the Pooch is one of the go-to resources for dog travellers in Ireland. After having had some negative experiences travelling with our dogs I conceptualised, built and grew the responsive platform with Carly Mooney on a mission to uncover and list true dog friendly places and services and bring together a community of dog lovers. The platform was built by combining a number of out of the box solutions. I then added some bespoke customisation and finally hosted on a secure, scalable VPS cloud and routed the domain through Cloudflare. POOCH! Magazine is the central news hub for dog news and acts as the voice for Pack the Pooch. Pack the Pooch and POOCH! Magazine are personal hobby projects with no business models that I run in order to help the incredible dog community in Ireland.

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